Our Mission & Philosophy

The overall mission of ECU is to foster and enhance the development of travel soccer players, and to further assist and prepare them to succeed at the high school level and beyond.

More specifically:
  1. To ingrain exemplary sportsmanship, moral character, integrity, teamwork, discipline, and fair play among players, parents, and coaches.
  2. To improve the level of travel soccer in an environment that promotes competitive play with passion of the game as a top priority.
  3. To enhance the sport of soccer in Northern Indiana, and succeed at the highest levels in the state of Indiana as well as the Midwest Region.
Elkhart County United offers travel soccer opportunities for boys and girls ages U14 through U18. Players will be placed on perspective teams based on playing ability and commitment level. Playing ability will be evaluated by ECU and their high school coach's evaluation is also taken into account.
We believe to play with ECU is a privilege. Therefore, Elkhart County United asks that players on an ISL or MRL team commit to make all practices and games unless some unforeseen circumstance comes up. Players playing in NISL teams are asked to commit to make at least one of the training sessions per week and the games. It is an expectation that these matters will be communicated to coaches and team managers prior to the beginning of the session.

Travel soccer is a competitive playing situation. At ECU, players are guaranteed equal practice time, but equal playing time during games is not guaranteed. If there is a question about playing time or field position in games, the steps outlined below should be followed for successful communication.

Step 1: Player with coach
Step 2: Player & parent(s) with coach
Step 3: Player & parent(s) with ECU board member & coach.

ECU believes that players should be playing at their appropriate age level if at all possible, although we understand that circumstances may not allow this all the time. Exceptions to this would be if we do not have enough numbers to fill a team, and/or we have a player who is far above and beyond his/her peers that he/she is best suited to play up to help become the best player they can be.